Three generations of the Merola Family (from left to right) Maria and daughters Marilena & Marina with Maria’s sister Enza, surrounding grandmother Filomina

Family-run and operated since 1982, 
Maria’s Pastry Shop is the place for homemade, authentic Italian pastries, cookies, cakes, breads, candies and confections.
From award-winning “Boston’s Best Cannoli” to their cream-filled Aragosta (“lobster tail”), flaky and sweet Sfogliatelle (“clam shell”) and dry yet light Zuccherati (“passa tempo”), Maria’s Pastry Shop keeps old-world traditions alive and thriving in Boston’s historic North End.

Seasonal specialties include: Osse di Morti (“Bones of the Dead”) for All Souls Day (Nov. 2), great-tasting Thanksgiving pies, imported and homemade Panettone and Mustaccioli (chocolate allspice diamond-shaped treats) at Christmastime, and a wide array of wonderful Easter delights, including Pizza “Chiena,” Colomba (“Easter Dove” cake) and Marzipan Lambs.

We accept all major credit cards and will ship anywhere in the United States.

A Phantom Hidden Jewel!

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