Drool at the North End’s best cakes. Rollover each image to see what they’re called and click them to get the summary in a sweet slideshow.

Italian Rum – This “traditional” pleasure seems to only get better with time. Make any event special with this dessert. Sponge cake with rum flavoring and one layer each of chocolate and vanilla pastry cream.

Cassata Siciliana – This classic Italian cake is a dream for your taste buds. The perfect mix of sponge cake, strega (Sweet Italian liquor) coupled with sweetened ricotta cheese and chocolate chips or citrus fruit and marzapan paste all around. A treat for any occasion.

Panna e Fragola – Maria’s special version of the classic strawberry shortcake made only with the freshest strawberries and homemade whipped cream. The fresh, light taste is not just for summer but because it is made with the best ingredients, a favorite all year.
Strawberries arriving soon! YUM!

Parigina – The classic mille feuille, made with layers of flaky pastry, sponge cake with rum flavoring and Maria’s delicious pastry cream. It’s a must eat!

Zuppa Inglese – A very unique mix of savoiardi (lady finger cookies), chocolate and vanilla cream and Amerena cherries. Doused with rum flavoring and fresh whipped cream. Oval shaped served on a platter.

Tiramisu – This new age Italian specialty is made with Maria’s homemade savoiardi and a careful blend of mascarpone cheese, espresso coffee and coffee liquor topped with cocao. Also available in single cup servings as shown here.

Chocolate or White – Traditional homemade chocolate and white cake with a choice of butter, whipped and chocolate cream frosting. Choose a variety of fillings from jams to fresh fruit.

Ricotta Pie – Sweet Italian cheese cake made with ricotta cheese in a soft crust. Also comes with chocolate chips or chocolate swirl.

Napoleon – Alternating layers of flaky pastry puff and vanilla cream topped with butter cream frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Also available in single slices.

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