Take a look at this great selection of cookies. Rollover each image to see what they’re called and click them to get the summary in a sweet slideshow.

 – Traditional almond macaroons as a soft chewy cookie. A variety of plain, topped with pignoli nuts and pistachio.

Quaresimali (Almond Biscotti) – A light crunchy subtly cinnamon flavored cookie with toasted almonds. Also available in chocolate dipped as shown here.

Anise Biscotti – The traditional biscotto is either a twice baked hard toasted cookie or a once-baked soft cookie.

Regina (Cookie of the Queen) – These tasty tea biscuits are a little crunchy and completely covered with sesame seeds.

Umberti (Cookie of the King) – This flat vanilla flavored cookie with lines running down. Also known as a great baby biscuit.

Zuccherati – This bagel looking cinnamon sweet bread is covered sesame seeds. Maria is the only one who still makes these traditional treats.

Totos – All spice chocolate cookies covered with chocolate frosting.

Savoiardi (Lady Fingers) – Soft vanilla biscut doused in powdered sugar. Also used to make Tiramisu.

Napolitani – A soft fruit biscuit mixed with citrus fruit and red/green candied cherries.

Taralli – An Italian breadstick with fennel seeds. Either plain, no fennel or black pepper as shown here.

Egg Taralli – Larger version with no fennel seeds. Avaliable in black pepper or plain as shown here.

Ciambella – Egg biscuit frosted with lemon-flavored sugar.

Butter Cookies – A beautiful centerpiece for any sweet table, this assortment of fine Italian colored cookies are enjoyed by all. No longer made with butter, but with pure vegetable shortening, these cookies brighten up any platter and provide a great dessert that eveyone will love.

Italian Wedding Cookies – A soft round cookie that comes in lemon or anise flavor frosted with sprinkles.

Italian Mixed Cookies – An assortment of colored cookies that is made in a variety of shapes and flavors.

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